Koen Janssens appointed CEO of Applied Maths

The Board of Directors of Applied Maths has appointed Koen Janssens as CEO of Applied Maths. Koen Janssens holds a Master degree in Applied Economics and a Master of Science in Bioinformatics (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven). During the last seven years, he has been increasingly involved in the operational management of the company. In his new role as CEO, he will be supported by an Executive Committee, consisting of Paul Vauterin, Director of Software Development and Bruno Pot, Director of Business Development. Luc Vauterin, co-founder of Applied Maths, stepped down as CEO in June of this year but remains closely involved with Applied Maths as Scientific Advisor.

Stijn Spitaels, who assumed the position of CEO ad interim of Applied Maths on June 1st 2011, is now resuming his consultancy activities. The board wishes to thank Stijn Spitaels for his skilled assistance in the management transition and initiating a growth scenario for Applied Maths, aiming for the company to remain a world leader in bio-informatics solutions for academia, public health centers and industry.

“We are at the start of exciting new times”, said Koen Janssens. “Never before has the need been so high for ready-to-use bioinformatics solutions that can deal with the huge amount of genomics and meta-genomics data being generated today. Applied Maths is ready to face the bioinformatics challenges that new technological evolutions in biotechnology are bringing. I’m honoured to lead the team in this endeavour.”

Koen Janssens