Premium support at Applied Maths

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Applied Maths has a very professional and experienced support team in its offices in Belgium and Texas, US, and offers free lifetime* support to all its customers. Free support includes email and web form based as well as phone support. The company handles over 5,000 support cases annually, and strives to answer basic support questions the same day or the next day in function of the time zone.

* Sunset Policy for Older Releases: As a customer, you understand that support for aging products is not indefinite and that the new features, enhancements and bug fixes in upgraded releases will improve their efficiency, competitiveness and compatibility with the latest versions of operating systems. Applied Maths will support the latest two major versions of its active software packages and all intermediate minor versions. To be eligible for free technical product support, customers must always mention their product serial number and be running a supported release of BioNumerics or GelCompar II. Customers who have older versions of the software are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible. While we do not support obsolete versions, we do not want any customer left behind, nor do we want them to be forced to upgrade under pressure when some incompatibility occurs.