BioNumerics Server

BioNumerics Server

Powerful Client-Server solution for secure exchange and analysis of biological data.

Providing the platform to build Web-servers enabling querying, upload, download and numerous advanced BioNumerics tools for browser-based clustering and identification.

BioNumerics Server has built and proven its reputation as the rock-solid and invaluable core of numerous public and private exchange, typing, and surveillance networks worldwide, of which the PulseNet initiative is undoubtedly the most prestigious example.

With BioNumerics Server, Applied Maths has combined all the existing client-server based connectivity and functionality with a platform to build interactive, web browser-based services. Clients can connect to a BioNumerics Server from all over the world using their web browser and run queries, perform identifications, generate clusterings, or display phylogenetic trees within a web environment.

For a live experience with the Web services of the BioNumerics Server, please visit our Online Demo Server.

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