What we offer

Product Support

One of the greatest and most unique advantages you get with your BIONUMERICS license is our professional personal product support. On all of our products*, we offer support by telephone and e-mail. Every support case is handled by our internal team of highly qualified specialists in Europe and the U.S. In addition, we offer a variety of other services.


  • Workshops. Held in both Europe and the US throughout the year, these hands-on workshops cover a variety of subjects, going from getting to know the software in our Basic Training Workshop to being able to perform more complex analyses in our NGS Workshop. For each we offer the possibility to bring your own data/project that can be looked at by our product specialists during an optional Analysis Day. The courses have been held for more than 20 years, are of high scientific level and are highly recommended by more than 1,000 scientists from all over the world that have already participated. Given the success of our workshops, early registration is recommended!
  • On-site training. If you have very specific requests about BioNumerics, our internal team of product specialists also organize on-site training sessions or courses on theoretical and practical BioNumerics-related themes. The program of on-site trainings can be completely customized depending on your needs. They can cover the same topics as the regular workshops, or focus on specific themes of interest for your institute/company.
  • Analysis of data. We can also analyze data for you. Data sources include any type of 1D gels, 2D gels, chromatography, HPLC or MALDI, MLST, VNTR and other typing techniques, phenotype data, microarrays, Sanger sequences up to NGS data and complete chromosomes, including comparison, gene mapping, annotation, whole genome MLST and whole genome SNP analysis. Please contact us for a customized quote.
  • Development of scripts. BioNumerics products allow for a high degree of customization such as special-purpose applications, automation scripts, and interface elements. Please contact us for more information and a customized quote.

* Support is only available for the last two major releases, older versions do not benefit from complimentary support, we advise to regularly update your version to keep benefiting from the free support.