Scientific articles using Applied Maths software

Since many customers or prospective customers request references dealing with the use of our software in a specific field or application, we maintain a database of peer-reviewed scientific publications that mention the use of Applied Maths software.

The database of publications we have currently recorded is not complete but impressive enough: over 15,000 research articles in peer-reviewed journals! You can search for articles using Google Scholar with the search function below.

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Articles by Applied Maths scientists:


  • Dunne Jr, W Michael, Pouseele, Hannes, Monecke, Stefan, Ehricht, Ralf, & van Belkum, Alex (2017). Epidemiology of transmissible diseases: array hybridization and next generation sequencing as universal nucleic acid-mediated typing tools. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, . DOI link.
  • Mahu, Maxime, Pasmans, Frank, Vranckx, Katleen, De Pauw, Nele, Maele, L Vande, Vyt, Philip, Vandersmissen, Tamara, Martel, An, Haesebrouck, Freddy, & Boyen, Filip (2017). Presence and mechanisms of acquired antimicrobial resistance in Belgian Brachyspira hyodysenteriae isolates belonging to different clonal complexes. Veterinary microbiology, 207, 125-132. DOI link.
  • Michiels, A., Vranckx, K., Piepers, S., Del Pozo Sacristan, R., Arsenakis, I., Boyen, F., Haesebrouck, F., & Maes, D. (2017). Impact of diversity of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae strains on lung lesions in slaughter pigs. Veterinary Research, 48, 2. DOI link.
  • Moura, Alexandra, Criscuolo, Alexis, Pouseele, Hannes, Maury, Mylène M, Leclercq, Alexandre, Tarr, Cheryl, Björkman, Jonas T, Dallman, Timothy, Reimer, Aleisha, Enouf, Vincent, & others (2017). Whole genome-based population biology and epidemiological surveillance of Listeria monocytogenes. Nature microbiology, 2, 16185. DOI link.
  • Rouffaer, Lieze Oscar, Baert, Kristof, Van den Abeele, Anne-Marie, Cox, Ivo, Vanantwerpen, Gerty, De Zutter, Lieven, Strubbe, Diederik, Vranckx, Katleen, Lens, Luc, Haesebrouck, Freddy, & others (2017). Low prevalence of human enteropathogenic Yersinia spp. in brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) in Flanders. PloS one, 12, e0175648. DOI link.
  • Vranckx, Katleen, De Bruyne, Katrien, & Pot, Bruno (2017). Analysis of MALDI-TOF MS Spectra using the BioNumerics Software. MALDI-TOF and Tandem MS for Clinical Microbiology, 539-562. DOI link.
  • Xu, Zhen, Olkun, Ali, Vranckx, Katleen, Mkrtchyan, Hermine V, Shah, Ajit J, Pot, Bruno, Cutler, Ronald R, & Shah, Haroun N (2017). Subtyping of Staphylococcus spp. Based upon MALDI-TOF MS Data Analysis. MALDI-TOF and Tandem MS for Clinical Microbiology, 563-578. DOI link.


  • Cools, Piet, Ho, Erwin, Vranckx, Katleen, Schelstraete, Petra, Wurth, Bettina, Franckx, Hilde, Ieven, Greet, Van Simaey, Leen, Van Daele, Sabine, Verhulst, Stijn, De Baets, Frans, & Vaneechoutte, Mario (2016). Epidemic Achromobacter xylosoxidans strain among Belgian cystic fibrosis patients and review of literature. BMC Microbiology, 16, 122. DOI link.
  • De Vos, D., Pirnay, J. P., Bilocq, F., Jennes, S., Verbeken, G., Rose, T., Keersebilck, E., Bosmans, P., Pieters, T., Hing, M., Heuninckx, W., De Pauw, F., Soentjens, P., Merabishvili, M., Deschaght, P., Vaneechoutte, M., Bogaerts, P., Glupczynski, Y., Pot, B., van der Reijden, T. J., & Dijkshoorn, L. (2016). Molecular epidemiology and clinical impact of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus-baumannii complex in a Belgian burn wound center. PLoS ONE, 11, e0156237. DOI link.
  • Jackson, Brendan R, Tarr, Cheryl, Strain, Errol, Jackson, Kelly A, Conrad, Amanda, Carleton, Heather, Katz, Lee S, Stroika, Steven, Gould, L Hannah, Mody, Rajal K, & others (2016). Implementation of nationwide real-time whole-genome sequencing to enhance listeriosis outbreak detection and investigation. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 63, 380-386. DOI link.
  • Jerome, M., Mace, S., Dousset, X., Pot, B., & Joffraud, J. J. (2016). Genetic diversity analysis of isolates belonging to the Photobacterium phosphoreum species group collected from salmon products using AFLP fingerprinting. Int. J. Food Microbiol., 217, 101-109. DOI link.
  • Kluytmans-van den Bergh, M. F., Huizinga, P., Bonten, M. J., Bos, M., De Bruyne, K., Friedrich, A. W., Rossen, J. W., Savelkoul, P. H., & Kluytmans, J. A. (2016). Presence of mcr-1-positive Enterobacteriaceae in retail chicken meat but not in humans in the Netherlands since 2009. Eurosurveillance, 21, 12-18. DOI link.
  • Lindsey, Rebecca L, Pouseele, Hannes, Chen, Jessica C, Strockbine, Nancy A, & Carleton, Heather A (2016). Implementation of whole genome sequencing (WGS) for identification and characterization of shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in the United States. Frontiers in Microbiology, 7, . DOI link.
  • Moura, Alexandra, Criscuolo, Alexis, Pouseele, Hannes, Maury, Mylène M, Leclercq, Alexandre, Tarr, Cheryl, Björkman, Jonas T, Dallman, Timothy, Reimer, Aleisha, Enouf, Vincent, & others (2016). Whole genome-based population biology and epidemiological surveillance of Listeria monocytogenes. Nature Microbiology, 2, 16185. DOI link.
  • Oberle, M., Wohlwend, N., Jonas, D., Maurer, F. P., Jost, G., Tschudin-Sutter, S., Vranckx, K., & Egli, A. (2016). The technical and biological reproducibility of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) based typing: Employment of bioinformatics in a multicenter study. PLoS ONE, 11, e0164260. DOI link.
  • Roisin, S, Gaudin, C, De Mendonça, R, Bellon, J, Van Vaerenbergh, K, De Bruyne, K, Byl, B, Pouseele, H, Denis, O, & Supply, P (2016). Pan-genome multilocus sequence typing and outbreak-specific reference-based single nucleotide polymorphism analysis to resolve two concurrent Staphylococcus aureus outbreaks in neonatal services. Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 22, 520-526. DOI link.


  • Barfod, K. K., Vranckx, K., Mirsepasi-Lauridsen, H. C., Hansen, J. S., Hougaard, K. S., Larsen, S. T., Ouwenhand, A. C., & Krogfelt, K. A. (2015). The murine lung microbiome changes during lung inflammation and intranasal vancomycin treatment. Open Microbiol. J., 9, 167-179. DOI link.
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  • Pouseele, Hannes & Supply, Philip (2015). Chapter 10: Accurate Whole-Genome Sequencing-Based Epidemiological Surveillance of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. In: Current and Emerging Technologies for the Diagnosis of Microbial Infections. (Vol. 42, p. 359-394). Academic Press. DOI link.
  • Zhang, L., Vranckx, K., Janssens, K., & Sandrin, T. R. (2015). Use of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and a custom database to characterize bacteria indigenous to a unique cave environment (Kartchner Caverns, AZ, USA). J. Vis. Exp., e52064. DOI link.


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  • Bosch, Thijs, Verkade, Erwin, van Luit, Martijn, Pot, Bruno, Vauterin, Paul, Burggrave, Ronald, Savelkoul, Paul, Kluytmans, Jan, & Schouls, Leo (2013). High Resolution Typing by Whole Genome Mapping Enables Discrimination of LA-MRSA (CC398) Strains and Identification of Transmission Events. PLOS ONE, 8, e66493. DOI link.
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  • Hyytia-Trees, Eija, Lafon, Patricia, Vauterin, Paul, & Ribot, Efrain M. (2010). Multilaboratory Validation Study of Standardized Multiple-Locus Variable-Number Tandem Repeat Analysis Protocol for Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli O157: A Novel Approach to Normalize Fragment Size Data Between Capillary Electrophoresis Platforms. Foodborne Pathogens and Disease, 7, 129-136. DOI link.


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