Applied Maths realizes 14% growth in 2011

Applied Maths proudly reports that it has realized a growth in revenues of more than 14% in 2011. This growth is remarkable in view of the financial crisis and its negative impact on butget spending for research in particular. Applied Maths has realized a growth in all continents, including Europe and the US, the company's home markets for 20 years.

Koen Janssens, CEO at Applied Maths: “We are obviously pleased that our company is expanding its business in typical growth markets like China and Latin America. And what’s more, knowing that we even succeed in increasing our sales in areas like Europe and the US where we have been selling thousands of licenses over the past 19 years means that there is an ever growing need for our BioNumerics platform and proves that Applied Maths is still delivering cutting-edge solutions after two decades of pioneering in the areas of comparative bioinformatics, molecular surveillance, and integrated databasing.”

About Applied Maths

Applied Maths, a bioinformatics company, was founded in 1992 and incorporated in 1994. Since then, it has gained global recognition with its software for the analysis of electrophoresis patterns. The company has acquired a unique market position with BioNumerics, a software suite for integrated databasing and analysis of all kinds of biological data. BioNumerics has developed into a multi-faceted platform combining databasing and analysis technologies, with numerous applications in research and diagnostics, including bacterial and viral epidemiology and profiling, plant improvement, human genetics and biotechnology.

Applied Maths combines extensive expertise in bioinformatics and unique mathematical know-how to develop the most powerful and fastest algorithms for pattern recognition and matching, data mining, screening and clustering. In so doing, the company fulfills a critical requirement in the bioinformatics industry for obtaining and analyzing greater and more complex data sets. The impact of Applied Maths' software is evidenced by referrals in thousands of scientific publications and an impressive portfolio of customers throughout the world. The BioNumerics software platform is used in many prestigious international projects and mission-critical networks.

Applied Maths has units in Sint-Martens-Latem (Belgium) (head office) and Austin (USA). For further information, please visit the company's website:

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