All information pertaining the BioNumerics database. This includes import of descriptive information about strains, accession or biological samples (commonly referred to as entries in BioNumerics), modifications to the database layout and setup, entry selections, user management, etc.

Importing information in a database with levels

In this tutorial you will learn how to import data in a BioNumerics database with levels and how to replicate and summarize level-specific information and experimental data to other levels. In this tutorial AFLP data is imported, processed and replicated to parent levels. 

Dendrogram export options

In this tutorial, the export options of a dendrogram, displayed in the Dendrogram panel of the Comparison window is covered. This tutorial is a general tutorial, applicable to any dendrogram created in the Comparison window based on any of the available data types in BioNumerics.

Automated database backups

How can I automatically back up all my BioNumerics databases?

Setting up a BioNumerics database with levels

In this tutorial a new BioNumerics database is created and levels are defined. Structuring databases in hierarchical levels avoids unnecessary duplication of information and provides a flexible solution to deal with replicate measurements.

Setting up users and passwords

BioNumerics contains a comprehensive set of user and security tools, including the creation of User Groups defining specific privileges and Users with logins and passwords. In this tutorial you will learn how to create users, how to assign logins and passwords to the created users, and how to grant and deny privileges to User groups.

Dendrogram layout options

A range of dendrogram display options are available in BioNumerics facilitating the interpretation of a tree. An example is the circular dendrogram visualization option (see the circular dendrogram visualization feature page for more information). In this tutorial some display options will be illustrated in the Comparison window and Advanced cluster analysis window.


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