MALDI beyond species ID

What will you learn?

The webinar MALDI beyond species ID is a two sessions webinar focusing on handling spectral data and performing basic and advanced analyses on this data in the software package BIONUMERICS. The participants get a good overview of the possibilities in the BIONUMERICS software package through alternating theoretical sessions and hands-on exercises.

  • Preprocessing options: import of Maldi-tof data, finding optimal settings for background removal, curve smoothing and peak detection, and summarizing of technical replicates
  • Cluster analysis of peak profiles: available similarity coefficients, when to select a band-based or a curve-based coefficient, tree degeneracies and how to handle them, and combining the results of two experiments
  • Peak matching analysis: options for creating global peak matchings, management of peak classes and export of obtained peak matching tables
  • Dimensioning techniques: calculating a principal components analysis (PCA) and discriminant analysis (DA) on band matching tables as an alternative for hierarchical cluster analysis
  • Biomarker detection: detecting putative biomarkers in the Matrix Mining and using these to build identification projects

Practical information

The webinar MALDI beyond species ID consists of two half days, Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 9am until 12 noon CET. There are no formal breaks during the webinar, but the time for the exercises is sufficient to allow participants to step away from the computer briefly. Webinar Notes are available free of charge and include hand-outs of all the lectures and tutorials of the hands-on exercises.

All participants are required to have BIONUMERICS installed on the PC they will use to connect to the webinar, though a temporary license can be provided. Upon registration, you will receive a link to download the workshop notes and data used during the tutorials and you will be provided with detailed instructions to prepare your PC before the webinar. A basic knowledge of the applications covered is presumed.

The number of participants to the webinar is limited to 20. In case the webinar is fully booked, the date of registration together with prepayment will be decisive. Applied Maths NV reserves the right to cancel this webinar up to one month before the scheduled date in case of insufficient registrations.

Registration fee

The registration for the two sessions webinar is 675 Euro (excl. VAT*).

(*) For Belgian customers 21% VAT will be applied. For other customers within the EU please provide the VAT registration number of your organization to be exempted from paying the VAT. Federal and local taxes may apply for non-EU customers.

Date: Feb 9th to 10th, 2021

Location: online

Available places: 13