Building automated decision and action workflows

Decision networks in BioNumerics should be seen as a construction kit that allows you to build your own automated decision or action work flows, with practically endless possibilities. They can be used to make decisions, predict features, perform queries, fill in fields, create graphs and plots, and much more. In this tutorial you will learn how to create these work flows in a BioNumerics Seven database.


All information pertaining the BIONUMERICS database. This includes import of descriptive information about strains, accession or biological samples (commonly referred to as entries in BIONUMERICS), modifications to the database layout and setup, entry selections, user management, etc.

Download PDF file: 
Download demonstration database: 
DemoBase Connected

The DemoBase Connected demonstration database. This database is used in several tutorials.

Note that the downloaded database backup file (.bnbk) can be restored via the Restore database... functionality in the BIONUMERICS startup screen.