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Use this form to obtain project credentials, allowing you to perform analyses on the Applied Maths cloud Calculation Engine.

Please check the analyses you would like to perform on the Calculation Engine.
Software license
A Calculation Engine project is always linked to one or more BIONUMERICS licenses.

Note: The Serial Number must contain 9 digits, and should be formatted like ###-###-###. Add leading zeros if your serial contains less than 9 numbers (0##-0##-###).

How do I find the serial number?

  • You can find the Serial Number of your software on the dongle (protection key) or by selecting File > About in the main window.
  • In BioNumerics and GelCompar, you can also obtain the Serial Number by pressing the Settings button in startup program button in the Startup program. This tool should be executed on the computer that has the dongle inserted.
  • You can get the Serial Number that corresponds to a specific dongle by running the Check_SN tool from our website. This tool should be executed on the computer to which the dongle is connected.
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