Mycobacterium tuberculosis WGS epidemiological surveillance study now published

In collaboration with world-renowned specialists in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, scientists at Applied Maths have created a standardized pipeline for the analysis of whole genome sequences (WGS) based on single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data. This pipeline was intensively calibrated for epidemiological purposes using a combination of Illumina and PacBio data. While annihilating the type 2 error rate, the pipeline succeeds in maintaining resolution, recuperating more than 92% of the expected mutations. This is very close to what is theoretically possible with short read technology, as the repetitive part of the M. tuberculosis genome is a little below 8%.

Click on the link below to access the paper online:

Accurate whole-genome sequencing-based epidemiological surveillance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Insights acquired from research conducted by Applied Maths are always reflected in our software products, allowing our customers to benefit from the algorithms and analysis tools developed during these collaborations. The SNP analysis pipelines developed in this particular study will be implemented the upcoming BioNumerics 7.6 version.

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