GelCompar II version 6.1 released

Applied Maths NV today announces the release of version 6.1 of its pattern analysis software GelCompar II. The GelCompar II software provides a powerful platform for databasing and analysis of all kinds of 1D patterns, including electrophoresis fingerprints, MALDI and SELDI profiles, gas chromatography, HPLC, and spectrophotometry patterns and any other type of densitometric records. The software provides powerful databasing, integrated networking and a wide range of data mining, clustering, identification, and statistical applications. Being the oldest software developed at Applied Maths and the start of the company’s current success, GelCompar II is referenced in numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers. GelCompar II is designed for local and lab-wide databasing and analysis of biodata in laboratories of any size and is in use in thousands of public and private research sites worldwide.

The current upgrade of GelCompar II has been developed in parallel with version 6.1 of Applied Maths’ flagship software BioNumerics and contains the same improvements and extensions in terms of database management and user interface. Besides these general features, GelCompar II version 6.1 offers greater capacity in terms of fingerprint resolution, database fields and other specifications and offers a new plugin application: the Diversilab plugin. This plugin imports and analyzes patterns generated using the Diversilab™ system from bioMérieux ( GelCompar II stores the patterns as fingerprints in a database and provides smart on-the-fly normalization algorithms for automatically aligning the Diversilab patterns within a comparison.