Flemish software is being used to help analyze bacterial pathogens in the United States

In order to quickly trace foodborne disease outbreaks, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta recently started to analyze complete bacterial genome sequences from human samples by using the software. “This technology is beginning to replace traditional routine analyses of bacterial pathogens. With this innovative software we can guarantee reliable results with a better performance compared to current standards,” says Koen Janssens, CEO of the Flemish Applied Maths, which developed the technology.

The software was successfully installed and is currently being tested by the CDC for molecular surveillance. Applied Maths has full confidence that the software will fit the high expectations and strong demands. “This is an enormous opportunity,” adds Bruno Pot, Director of Business Development. “After this successful pilot installation we think the software will help strengthen CDC’s capacity to rapidly detect and respond to outbreaks of bacterial foodborne disease.”