Five more wgMLST schemes available

We are pleased to announce five new wgMLST schemas for Clostridium difficile, Cronobacter spp., Enterococcus raffinosus, Klebsiella oxytoca, and Neisseria gonorrhoeae, respectively. This brings the total of available wgMLST schemas to fourteen.

These extra schemas will make whole genome sequence typing even easier for BioNumerics users, cementing its reputation as the ultimate microbial data analysis software.

The Clostridium difficile wgMLST schema

Clostridium difficile wgMLST schema

Core loci: 1,999

Accessory loci: 6,713

MLST loci: 14

PubMLST CWP cluster genes: 6

PubMLST other loci: 13

Total loci: 8,745

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The Cronobacter spp. wgMLST schema

Cronobacter spp. wgMLST schema

cogMLST loci: 1,865

Gcog loci: 222 (subset of cogMLST)

O-serotype loci: 2 (subset of cogMLST)

Accessory loci: 13,862

MLST loci: 12

Total loci: 15,739

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The Enterococcus raffinosus wgMLST schema

Enterococcus raffinosus wgMLST schema

wgMLST loci: 4,470

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The Klebsiella oxytoca wgMLST schema

Klebsiella oxytoca wgMLST schema

wgMLST loci: 16,270

MLST loci: 7

Total loci: 16,277

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The Neisseria gonorrhoeae wgMLST schema

Neisseria gonorrhoeae wgMLST schema

wgMLST loci: 2,424

MLST loci: 7

Total loci: 2,431

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The results

All whole-genome multi-locus sequence typing schemas have been evaluated and thoroughly tested by our biologists and collaborators. Great care has been taken to create an analysis procedure that minimizes sample artifacts, while maintaining an enormous discriminatory power that supersedes the core genome schema or other current typing standards.

Try it on your own data now!

To start using the wgMLST approach for typing of your own isolates, get in touch with the support team and request your evaluation license. For an easy introduction, we have several wgMLST tutorials available online. We look forward to your discoveries!