New features in BioNumerics Seven


We are looking to upgrade our older BioNumerics software package to the latest version. Where can we find a list of new features in BioNumerics version 7.5?


An overview of the many new and improved features can be found in the PDF release notes for BioNumerics version 7.5.

Additionally, we created a series of short videos that highlight the major novelties:

  • Next-generation sequencing data management:

    The new sequence read set experiment type provides a complete environment for importing, preprocessing and analyzing sets of reads from high-throughput sequencers or public repositories.

  • Whole genome Multi-Locus Sequence Typing (wgMLST):

    An automated pipeline has been developed for wgMLST analysis with an integrated calculation engine and external storage, making high-throughput wgMLST feasible on a desktop computer with relatively modest hardware specifications.

  • Spectrum data import and analysis:

    The new spectrum experiment type enables comprehensive preprocessing, summarizing and follow-up analysis of e.g. MALDI-TOF, LCMS and ESI spectra.

  • Multi-locus VNTR analysis (MLVA):

    The MLVA plugin has been completely redesigned to integrate seamlessly with the new curve processing window. The result is a more flexible setup and improved workflow, leading to faster and more accurate copy number determination.

  • Capillary sequencer data import and preprocessing:

    The import of electropherograms generated by capillary sequencers is made more flexible and the new curve processing window allows much faster pre-processing and reliable normalization of the data.

  • General database functionality:

    A host of new features make biological data management with the BioNumerics software even more powerful and intuitive. These novelties include database levels and dependencies, improved import routines, views for organizing information, a new intuitive search function, calculated entry fields, additional export options for graphics, a one-click processing tool, integrated database backup & restore tools and the new online help.


Applicable for: 
Version 7.0 - 7.5