Information regarding the installation of our software packages. This includes installation procedures and basic setup for the main software, plugin tools and license servers (NetKey and NetKey+).

Error with CheckLicense during installation

During installation of BioNumerics, the error message “FUNCTION CheckLicense: An error occurred while running the BioNumerics license editor” appears, mentioning setlic.exe and Result Code: -1073741515.

Installing 32-bit or 64-bit BioNumerics?

Which BioNumerics version should I download and install? The 32-bit or 64-bit version?

Failed to load XML.DLL

When I open a database with BioNumerics, the runtime error “Failed to load XML.DLL” pops up, followed by “Invalid version of XML.DLL”. What could be the cause?

Installing the HIV resistance plugin

While installing the HIV resistance plugin, I received following error message: "Problem while downloading algorithm XML file: Error message: HTTP Error 404: Not Found."

Protection key software cannot be started

When I try to open a database, I receive the error message "The protection key software cannot be started".

Check for plugin updates

When I press the Check for updates button in Plugin installation toolbox to install the latest version of all plugin tools, following error message appears: "Unable to download plugin. Could not create local file."


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