During this three sessions webinar Python in BIONUMERICS participants will get a good idea of the usefulness of scripts in BIONUMERICS. Since version 6, we have introduced the popular Python scripting language, making the script environment accessible to a large audience and supplying an impressive library of Python functions. The workshop will start out at a basic level and will be gradually built up with a series of short but useful real-life examples. The practical nature of the workshop will allow even people with a minimum of programming experience to attend. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Automate actions that are executed repeatedly
  • Import and export non-standard formats
  • Customize the software's interface
  • Create custom reports

Practical information

The Python in BIONUMERICS webinar consists of three half day theory sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to noon CET . Between sessions, the participants can work on larger exercises and even their own scripts which will be examined together during the last session. Webinar Notes are available for download.

All participants are required to have BIONUMERICS installed on the PC they will use to connect to the webinar. Upon registration, you will receive a link to download the workshop notes and data used during the tutorials and you will be provided with detailed instructions to prepare your PC before the Webinar. A minimum knowledge of Python or scripting in general is presumed. Basic knowledge of the concepts in BIONUMERICS is desirable.

The number of participants to the webinar is limited to 10. In case the webinar is fully booked, the date of registration together with prepayment will be decisive. Applied Maths NV reserves the right to cancel this webinar up to one month before the scheduled date in case of insufficient registrations.

Registration fee

The registration for the three sessions webinar is 995 Euro (excl. VAT*).

(*) For Belgian customers 21% VAT will be applied. For other customers within the EU please provide the VAT registration number of your organization to be exempted from paying the VAT. Federal and local taxes may apply for non-EU customers.

Date: May 17th to 20th, 2021

Location: online

Limited availability, only 2 places remaining!
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