CEO transition at Applied Maths

Ruth Devenyns, Chairman of the board at Applied Maths, announces that Luc Vauterin has decided to step down as CEO, effective June 1, 2011, in order to focus more on the scientific development of the company and on supporting Applied Maths’ ever expanding customer base. With immediate effect, the CEO function is being assumed by Stijn Spitaels, a former consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Before joining Applied Maths, Stijn Spitaels has successively worked at Vandemoortele, a Belgian food group and as an Associate Partner at McKinsey, where he was serving clients in the food and pharmaceutical industries, mostly on the topic of growth development. Stijn holds degrees in economics, finance and business from Ghent University, the Vlerick School of Management and INSEAD.

Luc Vauterin is co-founder of Applied Maths and has been the driving force behind its development from a small software start-up into a global player in bioinformatics with BioNumerics as its flagship software suite. Thanks to Luc’s strong scientific background and business acumen, Applied Maths has built an impressive customer base spanning the whole globe, including leading institutions in microbiological research, healthcare and the food and biotech industries. Going forward, Luc will become Chief Scientific Officer at Applied Maths, focusing on the further scientific development of the BioNumerics software and continued client support.

Ruth Devenyns: “By combining outstanding scientific and entrepreneurial skills, Luc has been key to Applied Maths’ success since its foundation in 1992. We respect Luc’s decision and believe that his desire to focus on scientific development along with the introduction of Stijn’s professional experience with growth strategies and marketing will further strengthen the company both in terms of scientific achievements and market presence.”

Stijn Spitaels: “I am very excited to join this dynamic and successful company. Luc has done a tremendous job in building a great team, a strong BioNumerics brand and an impressive customer base and passes on a thriving company. I look forward to working with Luc and the team to guide Applied Maths into further growth.”