Bayer CropScience chooses BioNumerics as global data analysis platform

Applied Maths today announces that Bayer CropScience has decided to implement the BioNumerics platform globally for its plant breeding program. The choice for BioNumerics was incentivized by the software’s comprehensive databasing and analysis tools, enabling workers to deploy one uniform software platform for diverse projects and techniques. IT managers and bioinformaticians at Bayer CropScience greatly valued the flexible scripting possibilities using Python as an instrument to integrate the BioNumerics software with existing tools and realize automatic workflows for high-throughput data management.

Luc Vauterin, CEO at Applied Maths: “BioNumerics has an impressive track record in the academic and public health community, which is evidenced by thousands of scientific papers. The last years however, there is a growing interest for BioNumerics by the industry, especially the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industry. To close successful deals with major industrial players, a solid and reliable support and service base is equally important and mandatory as offering a well integrated and flexible software platform. We are pleased that Bayer CropScience has recognized the professional support from Applied Maths and we are committed to maintain our high level of support and strengthen it where possible.”