Applied Maths successfully expands its customer base

Applied Maths NV proudly announces that it has acquired a record number of new customers in 2010. The company now has an impressive customer base of over 2,300 unique organizations in 94 countries, including universities, governmental and non-profit research centers, food and quality inspection agencies, public health centers, hospitals and clinical research labs, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, food industry, etc.

Luc Vauterin, CEO at Applied Maths: “In the past our software has been especially recognized among the scientific community, which is evidenced by thousands of scientific papers published using BioNumerics and GelCompar. The last years, we are expanding our business with the BioNumerics platform towards the industry, and have closed major deals in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The comprehensive databasing and analysis capabilities of BioNumerics along with its flexible Python scripting environment, renders the software an excellent platform for enterprise-wide management of biodata. In response to the growing need for customized solutions from our industrial customers, we are expanding our sales and support force.”