NCBI C++ exception when running a local BLAST search


When I perform a BLAST search in BioNumerics against a local BLAST database, following NCBI C++ exception is generated:

XH37449H: Error: NCBI C++ Exception:
"..\..\..\..\..\src\corelib\ncbireg.cpp", line 659: Error:
ncbi::IRWRegistry::x_Read() - Badly placed "\" in the registry value:
(m_Pos = 4)

How do I fix this?


This error message is caused by the adaption of a file “ncbi.ini” by the BioEdit software. This file is also used by the BLAST implementation in BioNumerics and specific changes can corrupt it for this functionality. Once this occurs, no BLAST searches against local databases will work (used in e.g. the BioNumerics E. coli genotyping and Sequence Extraction plugins, but also other in software running BLAST locally). The solution is simply to remove the ncbi.ini file, which can be found either in C:\Windows or in the AppData folder, depending on the version of BioEdit.

More information on this error can be found here:

Please note that upgrading or uninstalling BioEdit will not affect this error.


Applicable for: 
Version 7.6 - 8.0