Installing 32-bit or 64-bit BioNumerics?

Which BioNumerics version should I download and install? The 32-bit or 64-bit version?

Since the release of version 7.5, BioNumerics is available in a native 64-bit application as well as in a 32-bit version. All earlier BioNumerics releases were 32-bit applications. The recommended version depends on the Windows operating system on which the software will be installed (you can check the Windows version on your computer via Control panel > System):

  • On a 32-bit Windows operating system, please download and install the 32-bit BioNumerics version. The 64-bit BioNumerics version cannot be installed on a 32-bit system. Windows XP: Please note that BioNumerics version 7.5 is incompatible with and cannot be installed on a Windows XP system. As Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft anymore, we recommend contacting your IT administrator for upgrading your computer to a more recent operating system. Meanwhile, BioNumerics version 7.1 can still be downloaded and installed. Version 7.1 is compatible with Windows XP.
  • On a 64-bit Windows operating system, it is generally recommended to install the 64-bit BioNumerics version. This is because BioNumerics 64-bit — like any other native 64-bit application — can address more memory on a 64-bit operating system and runs somewhat faster, which will improve the calculation speed and overall responsiveness of the software.

However, since BioNumerics 64-bit is not compatible with MS Access, it is not recommended to install the 64-bit version in any of following scenarios:

  • Data from one or more external MS Access databases need to be imported on a routine basis into a BioNumerics database.
  • When using an MS Access connected database in BioNumerics that is shared by other applications (e.g. data in the database are manipulated directly in MS Access, via a web service, etc.).

Please note that the 64-bit BioNumerics version requires 64-bit ODBC drivers when using relational databases such as MS SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle. When upgrading from older versions, make sure to install and select the appropriate drivers!


Applicable for: 
Version 7.5 - 8.0