Failed to load XML.DLL


When I open a database with BioNumerics, the runtime error “Failed to load XML.DLL” pops up, followed by “Invalid version of XML.DLL”. What could be the cause?


This error message points to an issue with the BioNumerics installation. The rare reports of this error were all cases where customers applied a version 7.1 update (patch) on top of a version 7.0 installation. BioNumerics version 7.1 patches only contain modified or new program components relative to the first release of version 7.1 (on June 6th 2013). Installing a version 7.1 patch on a version 7.0 will therefore result in all kinds of unexpected and hard to diagnose errors, which may eventually result in data loss. It is therefore strongly recommended to re-install BioNumerics version 7.1 as soon as possible from the complete setup file, which can be downloaded from our software download page.


Applicable for: 
Version 7.1