Error code 3


When I try to open a database, following error message appears: "Unable to open the database. Error code 3: The system cannot find the path specified."


Although your databases are listed in the startup screen, the software is unable to load the database since the path – saved in the .DBS file – does not correspond to the location of the database. To fix this error, the .DBS files in the Home Directory need to be modified:

  1. Browse to the Home Directory and open the .DBS file of the database with a text editor such as NotePad.
  2. On the second text line, the database path is specified. Update the path to the correct location*.
  3. The .DBS file can now be saved and closed.

The above actions should be repeated for all .DBS files present in the database. Alternatively (and more convenient in case of many databases), a script is available to automate these tasks. Please contact us to obtain this script.

* From BioNumerics/GelCompar II version 5 on, the absolute database path in the database descriptor (.DBS) file is replaced by a relative “[HOMEDIR]” tag. Using this tag will make copying databases to another location easier.


Applicable for: 
Version 1.0 - 7.6