GelCompar II: Gel electrophoresis software

Please be advised that GelCompar II will soon be discontinued. Click on the banner below for more information.

Discontinuation of GelCompar II


GelCompar II

Analysis and comparison of electrophoresis patterns

Ever since the first release of GelCompar in 1991, Applied Maths has produced state-of-the-art gel electrophoresis software for the analysis of banding patterns. Along with the success and expansion of electrophoresis techniques in various application fields, GelCompar II has been continuously updated and extended to be compatible with the latest developments and the ever growing amounts of information.

The relational database concept in GelCompar II makes it possible to link multiple electrophoresis fingerprints to the strains or samples studied, and generate multiphasic groupings and identifications with databases of unlimited size.

Extensive list of unique features

GelCompar II offers an impressive list of unique advanced features, including phylogenetic and dimensioning algorithms, group verification methods, database quality control techniques, GLP and database protection tools, history recording, ODBC and SQL compatibility, database sharing tools, client-server database exchange over Internet, just to name a few.

With more than 2,500 units sold in the most prestigious research institutes worldwide and being used in numerous international epidemiological typing and surveillance networks, GelCompar II proudly bears the gold standard for the analysis of electrophoresis patterns and other fingerprinting techniques.

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