Applied Maths Corporate Partners

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DuPont Qualicon offers innovative diagnostics products and services that create easy to use, reliable and convenient microbial solutions.

The RiboPrinter Microbial Characterization System provides an automated genetic fingerprint (called a RiboPrint pattern) of bacteria in less than eight hours. Applied Maths and Qualicon have a development and marketing agreement for BioNumerics and GelCompar II.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Applied Maths is a certified Microsoft Partner and an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). In this qualification, Applied Maths gets direct access to the latest technologies and updates from Microsoft and as such, can ensure that its software is always compatible with current and upcoming Windows desktop and server operating systems and SQL Server databases. We focus on delivering the most performant and best integrated application on Windows platforms.

Oracle Silver Partner

Applied Maths is a Silver Oracle Partner. With instant access to the latest Oracle technologies and hotline support, Applied Maths can provide professional services and support to its customers that have implemented BioNumerics as an enterprise-wide platform on an Oracle database.