BioNumerics Seven modules

The BioNumerics software offers a modular platform that can be customized to suite your biological data set. Choose between 4 Data modules and 5 Analysis modules. Each Data module can be combined with any or all Analysis modules. The separate descriptions for the modules list most, but not all functions and possibilities. Use the BioNumerics Configurator to personalize your BioNumerics platform exactly to your research needs. Please contact us for details on specific functionality or if you’re having trouble choosing the right modules suited for your applications.

Data modules

Icon Fingerprint Data module

Fingerprint Data module

All types of electrophoresis gels, sequencer trace files, MALDI profiles, spectrophotometric and chromatographic profiles, ...

Icon Character Data module

Character Data module

Commercial test panels, antibiotic resistance profiles, phenotypic and biochemical features, repeat numbers, allele numbers, microarray data, ...
Icon Sequence Data module

Sequence Data module

From Sanger sequencing chromatograms and next generation sequencing reads to fully featured and annotated sequences, up to genome size.
Icon Trend Data module

Trend Data module

Kinetic data (multiple time-interval readings), real-time PCR, and all kinds of X-Y measurement series.

Analysis modules

Icon Tree and Network Inference module

Tree and Network Inference module

Dendrograms, phylogenetic trees, population modelling graphs, consensus trees and networks, cluster significance analysis, ...
Icon Classifiers and Identification module

Classifiers and Identification module

Database and identification project based screening. Similarity-based identification or using classifiers (e.g. Naive Bayesian classifier, Support Vector Machine, ...). Automated identification via decision networks.
Icon Dimensioning and Matrix Mining module

Dimensioning and Matrix Mining module

Perform MDS, PCA, MANOVA, etc. Identify differentiating characters and perform two-way clustering of any matrix table of characters and entries.
Icon Genome Analysis Tools module

Genome Analysis Tools module

The Genome Analysis Tools module in BIONUMERICS offers genome comparison, annotation, alignment and SNP analysis.
Icon Audit Trails module

Audit Trails module

Digital signing, recording and versioning of any database object from logging only to full tracking, allows the software to be used in compliance with the strictest Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11.