Sequence read sets

A sequence read set is designed to hold large sets of short reads generated by next generation sequencing (NGS). Base sequences and their associated quality scores are stored for single-end and paired-end reads, originating from various high-throughput pyrosequencing platforms such as Roche 454, Illumina Solexa, Ion Torrent, etc.

Which trimming pipeline is implemented on the calculation engine?

Which trimming pipeline is implemented on the calculation engine when a read-based job is submitted?

Importing FASTQ files and FASTQ file links

Essentially, there are two ways to import FASTQ files in your BioNumerics database: the default import method stores the sequence reads in the BioNumerics database and the second import method only imports the links to the location of the FASTQ files. In this tutorial both options are described.

Hotfix for CE Store Uploader issue

Recently, when I post jobs on the Applied Maths cloud Calculation Engine for which the fastq.gz files are stored on a local file server, the job statuses often remain "WaitingQueued" for more than 24 hours after which the jobs fail. I haven't experienced this before, what could be the reason?


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