Interpretation of SmartFinder data

The SmartFinder® technology, developed by PathoFinder B.V. uses specific probes which are ligated after hybridization to their respective target gene and subsequently amplified and identified by melt curve analysis on a real-time PCR instrument. In the assay, the SmartFinder reaction is preceded by a pre-amplification step with ensures the detection of the pathogens with the same sensitivity and specificity as singleplex Real Time PCR.

Overview RespiFinder principle

Interpretation of SmartFinder data in BioNumerics

A SmartFinder plugin tool has been developed in BioNumerics for the analysis of SmartFinder melt curves, obtained from different kits, e.g. the RespiFinder® SMART 22 assay for the detection of viral and bacterial respiratory pathogens. The plugin accepts melt curves from LightCycler 480 (Roche) and Rotor-Gene (Corbett / Qiagen) instruments and provides a high degree of automation, from the import of raw melt curve data, to clear reporting of results and indication of problem cases.

Report on a RespiFinder assay from LC480

BioNumerics’ extensive databasing capabilities allow for integration with laboratory information management systems (LIMS), user management and audit trails, making it a valuable tool for high throughput analysis and for use in hospital settings, where reporting and integration with other systems is often required.

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