Training Workshop on Python scripting in BioNumerics

The BioNumerics script environment

Despite the fact that BioNumerics is a very comprehensive software suite covering a huge number of databasing, processing and analysis tools for biological data, there are always needs and requests that are too specific to be provided in a general environment. Many of these needs have been answered by developing scripts in BioNumerics' own scripting environment. Since version 6.0, Applied Maths introduced the popular Python scripting language in BioNumerics, making the script environment accessible to a large audience, and supplying the software with the impressive library of Python functionality. The built-in Python environment has access to over 1000 specialized BioNumerics functions that can perform complex operations with one single command. There are functions to create dialog boxes, forms, plot windows, and tables, but also to align sequences, import characters, create clusterings, calculate statistics, export, download and upload data, etc.

Why scripting in BioNumerics?

Scripts are particularly useful to automate series of actions that are executed repeatedly, but also to create custom reports, import and export non-standard formats, perform custom calculations, etc. They can also be useful to customize the software's interface by creating specific forms and dialogs. The simplest scripts are just a few lines long but can nevertheless be tremendously time-saving. With scripts you can insert your own menu items into menus, add buttons to button bars, design your own forms, dialogs and even wizards, create custom plots and tables, print or export reports to the clipboard, launch other applications and perform numerous tasks in import, data preprocessing, analysis, database management, reporting and export.

What the workshop offers

The workshop will start out at a basic level and will be gradually built up with a series of short but useful real-life examples. The practical nature of the workshop will allow even people with a minimum of programming experience to attend. Nevertheless, it is impossible to embed a true programming course in the workshop, which implies that some elementary skills with programming in any language are required. The workshop will cover the following main topics:

  • Brief introduction to Python. Short introduction to syntax, comparison with other languages, advantages of Python, modules, etc.
  • Python in BioNumerics. How the specific features of the BioNumerics scripting environment are implemented in Python.
  • The Debugger window. Working with the multiple-document script editor, functions, shortcuts, debugging strategies, system path, etc.
  • Writing script applications. Using a number of examples, applications such as import, export, ui and reporting, data manipulation, and automated analysis will be covered.
  • Exercises. With the help of experts from Applied Maths, you will be able to develop your own scripts.
  • Workshop agenda – will be updated soon!

    Practical information

    The workshop consists of one full day for theory and examples plus half a day for exercises. The workshop will begin on Thursday morning at 9am and runs until 5pm, with coffee breaks and a lunch in between. A complimentary “networking” dinner is offered to all participants on Thursday evening. On Friday morning the sessions start at 9am and end at 1pm, with a coffee break in between and lunch afterwards. Workshop Notes are offered free of charge and include color-printed hand-outs of all the lectures and tutorials of the hands-on demonstrations and exercises.

    The number of participants to the workshop is limited to 18. In case the workshop is fully booked, the date of registration together with prepayment will be decisive. Applied Maths NV reserves the right to cancel this workshop up to one month before the scheduled date in case of insufficient registrations.

    Registration fee

    The registration cost per person, including 2 lunches and one evening dinner is 995 Euro (excl. VAT*).


    The Workshop will be held at the "Communication Loft" in Ghent (Sint-Denijslaan 485, Ghent). We will take you from the hotel to the workshop venue and back.


    Rooms can be booked at the Best Western Hotel Chamade, at a special rate exclusively to workshop participants. The room rate is 103.50 Euro (incl. taxes) for a single room and 119 Euro (incl. taxes) for a double room, including breakfast and wireless internet in the room. In addition, a city tax of 3 Euro will be charged per person per night. The hotel is located at less than 10 minutes walking from the railway station. To make your reservation, please send your request to (subject:"block booking Applied Maths").

    (*) For Belgian customers 21% VAT will be applied. For other customers within the EU please provide the VAT registration number of your organization to be exempted from paying the VAT. Federal and local taxes may apply for non-EU customers.

    Date: Oct 8th to 9th, 2020

    Location: Ghent, BELGIUM

    Available places: 17
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