Sequence read sets: revealing the diversity of microbial populations

This tutorial illustrates the analysis of microbial population diversity, starting from the import of sequence read sets to the identification of operational taxonomic units and their abundances.

Sequence read sets

A sequence read set is designed to hold large sets of short reads generated by next generation sequencing (NGS). Base sequences and their associated quality scores are stored for single-end and paired-end reads, originating from various high-throughput pyrosequencing platforms such as Roche 454, Illumina Solexa, Ion Torrent, etc.

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Sequence read sets: Revealing microbial diversity
This data set contains a FASTQ file with V2 16S rRNA sequence reads generated by a Roche 454 GS FLX pyrosequencer, the files needed to create a reference alignment and taxonomic database and an MS Excel file with the barcodes and sample meta data.
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