Importing FASTQ files and linked database entry information

This tutorial illustrates how to import run information from an Excel file, and how to import and link fastq files to these entries. This tutorial also illustrates how to obtain a quick overview of the basic statistics on read quality and read length, and how predefined charts are used to get a more indetailed view on these characteristics.

Sequence read sets

A sequence read set is designed to hold large sets of short reads generated by next generation sequencing (NGS). Base sequences and their associated quality scores are stored for single-end and paired-end reads, originating from various high-throughput pyrosequencing platforms such as Roche 454, Illumina Solexa, Ion Torrent, etc.

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FASTQ files
This data set contains 10 gzipped fastq files of 5 paired end read data file pairs coming from Staphylococcus aureus and an Excel file containing some metadata on the sequence read sets. This data was generated by Illumina MiSeq whole genome sequencing and downloaded from NCBI.
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