Lifestock Associated MRSA screening (LA-Screen)

Ronald Burggrave (PiEXT BV)
Project duration: 
01 Sep 2010 to 31 Aug 2013

Aim of the project: Development of novel screening tool for detection and typing of pathogenic bacteria in the food chain.

Main objectives:

  1. Perform typing using Optical Mapping technology of a large number (~1000) of well defined, well-types and well-documented LA-MRSA isolates from human and animal origin.
  2. Development of software to visualize, allow comparison and clustering of optical maps obtained from LA-MRSA isolates.
  3. Development of a prototype diagnostic track and trace tool to identify LA-MRSA specific signatures (genome sequence information) in clinically important MRSA samples.
  4. Achieve Proof of Principle / validation in the food chain under real conditions, in a larger screening program at 46 farms to study transfer of LA-MRSA from farm-to-farm and from animal-to-human.