Press releases 2013

PathoGenetix and Applied Maths to integrate rapid strain typing and bioinformatics tools

PathoGenetix, Inc. and Applied Maths, NV have signed an agreement to link the RESOLUTION Microbial Genotyping System with the BioNumerics software suite to offer a dramatically improved time-to-answer and shortened decision making time in pathogen outbreak investigations, traceback and epidemiological response. The fully automated and integrated solution will confirm and identify pathogens in complex mixtures in just five hours, allow rapid sharing of outbreak information among public health and food safety laboratories, and enable comparison to strain data from other typing systems such as pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE).

OpGen announces partnership with Applied Maths to provide bioinformatics analysis software for Whole Genome Mapping

OpGen, Inc., today announced the company has entered into a strategic collaboration with Applied Maths NV, the market leader in bioinformatics and analytical solutions for public health and research laboratories, to provide advanced software tools for microbial genomics and molecular strain typing.

Strongest result ever for Applied Maths in challenging market conditions

Applied Maths realized double-digit growth figures in 2012 making it the best year ever. The consolidated revenues grew by 14% and the net result increased by 32% ending up in a net profit before taxes well above expectations. Taking into account one offs, the result even increased by 70%. With these excellent results Applied Maths confirms its sustainable growth both in financial and commercial terms.