Version 1.01 of the E. coli genotyping plugin available

The E. coli functional genotyping plugin predicts phenotypic traits such as serotype, antibiotics resistance and virulence based on E. coli whole genome sequences. Version 1.01 of this online plugin contains a number of improvements compared to the initial release version.

Improvements in version 1.01

  • Improved reporting of antibiotic resistances in case a single gene confers resistance against multiple antibiotics. In version 1.00, only the best-matching BLAST hit was reported.
  • Fixed issue with the detection of fragmented hits. With the option Check for gene fragments as well checked, sequences spanning multiple contigs are now detected correctly.

How to update?

Updating to the latest version of E. coli genotyping plugin is an easy process:

  1. Open your BioNumerics database and select File > Install / Remove plugins….
  2. In the Plugins dialog that appears, click on the Database functionality tab.
  3. Press the <Add / Update…> button. In the Online plugins list, the E. coli functional genotyping plugin will be automatically checked when version 1.00 is installed.
  4. Press <OK> twice to download and install the new version.

If your research requires the most extensive and complete genotyping results possible, we recommend updating to the latest plugin version and running the tool again on previously analyzed samples.

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