Permanently 25% off wgMLST allele calling on the Calculation Engine

We are very pleased to announce a 25% tariff reduction of wgMLST analyses on our Calculation Engine.

The fact that more and more people use whole genome sequencing means the cost per sample is going down. Additionally, Amazon Web Services recently introduced a per-second billing of their services to us and we are very pleased to pass these savings on to you. We want to do this by reducing the cost of both the assembly-free and assembly-based allele calling jobs on our Calculation Engine from 4 to 3 credits. This means that a wgMLST allele calling will now cost 6 credits instead of 8. A full wgMLST analysis has been reduced from 10 to 8, as the price for both the "de novo" assembly and reference mapping remains 1 credit each.

Rest assured that the reduced prices are in full effect for all jobs entered starting from March 15th 2018.

We hope this price reduction will encourage you even more to use our Calculation Engine as it is keeps your computer responsive and your database lightweight, so you can focus on the actual analysis. It also means that hardware requirements for your desktop or laptop computer running BioNumerics are kept modest and that you can let the Calculation Engine do all the heavy lifting!