GenoScreen and Applied Maths partner to combine expertise and strengths in the field of microbial outbreak management

GenoScreen and Applied Maths are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement to collaborate on the co-development of bioinformatics solutions, applications, and co-marketing initiatives intended to improve the management of microbial outbreaks in the public health and infectious disease domain.

“GenoScreen wishes to facilitate an effective and smooth collaboration with Applied Maths to ensure the success of the mutual efforts in developing new or enhanced products of high scientific value and develop broader markets.”, Dr. Gaudin commented. GenoScreen and Applied Maths currently already collaborate in the frame of the prestigious Patho-NGen-Trace project and regularly present common research results on scientific conferences.

Dr. Pot stated in an earlier interview: “A technology partner as GenoScreen is a perfect match for us in order to ensure a quick and thorough validation of novel algorithms and bioinformatics tools, applied on a variety of technologies provided by GenoScreen.”

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