End of Year Special: Trade in your GelCompar II license for BioNumerics Seven at reduced rates!

With more than 2,500 units sold in the most prestigious research institutes worldwide, GelCompar II proudly bears the gold standard for the analysis of electrophoresis patterns and other fingerprinting techniques. Over the years, GelCompar II has been continuously updated and extended to be compatible with the latest developments and the ever growing amounts of information. To bridge the gap with whole genome sequence (WGS) based techniques such as wgMLST, wgSNPs, Applied Maths has decided to further focus on the development of BioNumerics, in which all GelCompar II features are incorporated and existing electrophoresis data can be readily linked with sequence or other experimental information.

Now, Applied Maths offers all GelCompar II users the opportunity to trade in their license for the latest BioNumerics platform, with corresponding modules, at a significantly reduced rate. A 25% discount also applies to any additional BioNumerics module added to your present configuration. This promo action runs until December 31st, 2013.

The BioNumerics Seven  Fingerprint data module includes all of the basic software functionalities of GelCompar II, plus dedicated processing of genetic analyzers’ data and spectral data (e.g. MALDI), as well as other improvements. Please try our BioNumerics configurator for a quick check of which modules suit your current data analysis needs or contact our support team, who will be happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

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