BioNumerics version 7.6.3 released

We are pleased to announce the latest update of our BioNumerics software: version 7.6.3. As you have gotten used to with previous updates, this version once more has a series of exciting new features and improvements, many of which revolve around Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS).

  • The main novelty in this version is that whole genome Multi Locus Sequence Typing (wgMLST) users can easily obtain the same allele numbering and sequence types as used on e.g. PubMLST (BIGSdb) and Enterobase for classical MLST and core genome MLST schemes.
  • Whole genome Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (wgSNP) users will appreciate the new SNP similarity coefficient and the additional SNP filtering option Take into account transitional bases.
  • The Power Assembler became easier in use by greatly reducing the disk space needed and by offering optimized default settings.

Even if you are not into WGS yet, version 7.6.3 has something to offer for you:

  • The Antibiotics susceptibility plugin is revised completely and its import is now on par with other import methods in BioNumerics.
  • The character comparison option Ignore zero values allows you to make a distinction between absent and undetermined character values, which is particularly valuable in TaqMan-based SNP calling.
  • Several parts of the software were improved in terms of dealing with special characters, e.g. in Chinese and Korean languages.

A complete overview of all new features and a download link can be found on the BioNumerics update download page.

How to upgrade?

This update is free of charge for all our current BioNumerics Seven customers. No new license string is needed for version 7.6 users, but version 7.0, 7.1 and 7.5 users will need to request a new license string prior to downloading the software!

Customers that have an older BioNumerics version can request a quote for an upgrade of their existing license.