BioNumerics and GelCompar II 6.x service updates available

While version 7 of BioNumerics is on the market for a number of months already, Applied Maths decided to release a final service update of the 6.x series of its GelCompar II and BioNumerics packages as a service to those customers who have not upgraded to BioNumerics Seven yet.

Version 6.6.8 of GelCompar II and BioNumerics deals with the issues caused by a bug in the external windows GDI+ library (as described in this Knowledge Base Article), which appear when processing gray scale TIFF images in the Image editor on a Windows 7 or Vista operating system. No other changes have been made to the software. The upgrade is free of charge for customers who purchased version 6.0 of the corresponding software package.

The complete setups can be downloaded from our software download page. For customers that are already using the most recent 6.x versions (i.e. GelCompar II version 6.5 and BioNumerics version 6.6.4, respectively), no new license string is needed to activate the software. Other customers can request their license string via our upgrade form.

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