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Meet us at the VAAM in Bremen

We will be present at VAAM 2013, the Annual Conference of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology in collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Society for Microbiology (KNVM) in Bremen, Germany from March 10 to 13.

BioNumerics Seven released

Applied Maths NV is proud to announce the release of version 7.0 of its flagship software suite BioNumerics. The BioNumerics software provides a universal platform for databasing and analysis of 1D patterns, genotype/phenotype arrays, and DNA/protein sequences. The software provides powerful databasing, integrated networking and a wide range of data mining, clustering, identification, and statistical applications.

Discover the new tools for Next-Generation Sequencing in BioNumerics Seven

The new sequence read sets experiment type renders BioNumerics Seven into a powerful platform for managing and analyzing the massive amounts of reads generated by current high-throughput sequencers.

Whole Genome Maps in BioNumerics Seven

The new Whole Genome Maps data module in the upcoming release of BioNumerics Seven is designed to analyze high resolution, ordered whole genome restriction maps ( As whole genome mapping provides highly detailed strain information, its analysis in BioNumerics is mainly focused on (epidemiological) strain typing and characterization.

Analyzing mass spectra in BioNumerics Seven

Mass spectrometry techniques such as Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-Of-Flight (MALDI-TOF), Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) and ElectroSpray Ionization (ESI) are quickly finding their way into the field of microbial typing and identification. The upcoming release of BioNumerics Seven provides researchers with a powerful and easy to use environment for preprocessing, resampling and comparison of spectrum data.

Improved capillary sequencer fingerprint processing in BioNumerics Seven

The upcoming release of BioNumerics Seven features a completely redesigned state-of-the-art processing tool for raw electropherograms, generated by genetic analyzers and other multi-dye capillary electrophoresis equipment. This type of equipment is commonly used for fragment analysis-based typing methods such as Multi-Locus VNTR Analysis (MLVA), Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms (AFLP) and Short Sequence Repeats (SSR).

Release discount available until the end of 2012

Applied Maths is at the verge of releasing its next major upgrade of the BioNumerics software. In this context, we would like to encourage the ones among you that are eager to get going with the new data types and analysis tools that come with BioNumerics Seven.

Therefore, an extra release discount of 10% will be applied to all BioNumerics orders that reach us before the end of 2012.

Visit us at the 11th Congresso Latinoamericano de Microbiologia in Santos, BR from October 28 to November 1

XXI ALAM conference

Together with our Brazilian distributor, Fairport Ltd, we will be present at the Congresso Latinoamericano de Microbiologia. On October 28, we have a full day BioNumerics workshop as part of the official program and during the remainder of the conference you can drop by our booth to learn the latest about BioNumerics and its upcoming new release.

A new version of the QIAxcel plugin is available

The QIAxcel plugin, for import of QIAGEN's ScreenGel data into the BioNumerics software, has received an update. Version 1.01 now also allows the import of peak table data in .xdrx format.

To start using the latest version of this free plugin in BioNumerics, simply press the Check for updates... button and enable it in the Plugins dialog.

Applied Maths welcomes FPQuest and InfoQuest users

The software packages InfoQuest and FPQuest, which were developed by Applied Maths, have been sold by Bio-Rad Laboratories as OEM products since November 2002. These packages have the same functionality as BioNumerics and GelCompar II, respectively.