Quantification of bands


Is it possible to perform quantification studies in GelCompar II with the combination of the Basic Software and the Cluster Analysis module?


The combination of the GelCompar II Basic Software with the Tree and Network Inference module offers 1-D quantification tools: when you have defined bands in the gel edit window, and specified molecular weights for the reference system, including a regression curve, you can create the following quantification reports:

  • In step 4 of the gel edit window, click on a band, and you will see the molecular weight in the bottom status bar, between brackets.
  • You can export or print a quantification report of your gel by choosing File > Export report. Next to the position of the bands in each lane, you can see the molecular weight, the height and the relative 1D surface of each band.
  • In a comparison window, display the patterns with their bands and select File > Export bands. A report for the selected patterns is created, including for all bands the relative band positions and their molecular weights, when defined.

However, many more 1-D and 2-D quantification tools become available when you have the Quantification module.


Applicable for: 
Version 1.0 - 6.5


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