Multiple links to experiment


When I try to add all lanes automatically to the database, I receive a message mentioning several errors of the type "Key ... contains multiple links to experiment ...".


The limit on the file name length is depending on the length of the path. The maximum length is more than 200 characters. However, this includes the path as well, e.g. "C:\Program files\BioNumerics\Data\MyDataBase\Images\MyTiff". So if the path is very long, the total file name might grow too long as a whole.

In case you select Database > Add all lanes to database in the Fingerprint window, the TIFF file name is used to make the key of the database entries. A key can contain a maximally 51 characters. If the TIFF file name is too long, no unique key can be created and this results in the error message that you describe.


Applicable for: 
Version 1.0 - 6.6


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