Making data from bundles more permanent


When I import a “bundle” in my database, it is lost once the database is closed. As there is no “Save” button, how can I keep the bundle data, so that it reappears when the database is opened again?


Opening a bundle in a database is always temporary, unless you takes specific steps. However, there are two ways a bundle can be imported in your database:

  1. You downloaded a selection of entries from a BioNumerics Server database, either after a query, or after an identification. In that case, the bundle is "forgotten" upon closing BioNumerics and doesn't even appear on the hard disk. To avoid this, you can select the bundle entries in a list, and create a new bundle from them with the "Create new bundle" icon or File > Create new bundle. This bundle will be saved in your default bundles directory of the local BioNumerics database. Note that the BioNumerics Server can refuse its clients to save a downloaded bundle on their local hard disks, in which case it will not be possible to save a downloaded bundle.
  2. You placed a bundle you received from elsewhere in the default bundles directory of your local BioNumerics database. In this case, the bundle still exists where you have copied it, but it is not automatically loaded when you start BioNumerics.

To make a bundle reappear each time you start BioNumerics, simply start its name with "@_".


Applicable for: 
Version 1.0 - 7.6


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