Home directory in Vista and Win7


I have recently upgraded the operating system of my computer to Windows Vista. Since then, the "Export report" command in the Fingerprint processing window and the "Export bands" command in the Comparison window don't work anymore. It used to work fine in Windows XP.


The problem arises because Windows Vista (or other recent Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 or 10) does not allow programs to write under the directory "C:\Program files" anymore. Most probably, your BioNumerics (or GelCompar II) home directory is still defined as "C:\Program files\BioNumerics\data" (or "C:\Program files\GelCompar II\data" in case of GelCompar II), which was the default location prior to version 5.0. Specifically for Windows Vista, the home directory should be moved to a common documents folder or to the "My documents" folder. The first option is the default choice in BioNumerics (GelCompar II) version 5.0 onwards.

The home directory can be specified in the Startup window by pressing the "Settings" button and selecting Change home directory. After that, all files and folders from the old home directory need to be copied to the new one.


Applicable for: 
Version 1.0 - 7.6


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