GelCompar II configuration


I want to purchase the GelCompar II software for pattern analysis. What modules do I need for different purposes (clustering, identification, quantification, phylogeny)?

  • For all non-phylogenetic cluster analysis purposes, you can go with the GelCompar II Basic Software with the Tree and Network Inference module. This combination also offers 1-D quantification tools.
  • For more advanced quantification purposes (2-D) and creating band matching tables, you need the Comparative Quantification & Polymorphism Analysis module.
  • This module is also required if you want to do phylogenetic clustering using parsimony, and cluster verification based upon bootstrap analysis (band matching tables are required).
  • For identification purposes, you will need the Libraries & Identification module.
  • If you want to produce non-hierarchic groupings in D-2 or 3-D spacial representations, you will need the Dimensioning Techniques module.
  • In order to exchange data with other labs that work together on the same organisms, you need the Database Sharing Tools, which allows you to connect to a BioNumerics Server, for download, upload and identification purposes.

Any or all of these modules can be combined meaningfully to obtain a global solution for multiple purposes.


Applicable for: 
Version 1.0 - 5.1


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