Difference between GelCompar II and GelCompar


Can you give a list of the differences between GelCompar II and GelCompar?


GelCompar and GelCompar II are two completely different software packages, the latter being rewritten from the first byte, based upon our 8 years experience from GelCompar. It is impossible to give a list of differences, as the entire database structure, the normalization algorithms, any menu command, any file type is different. Perhaps the most basic difference between the software packages is that GelCompar II is an organism (strain)-based relational database rather than gel-based. This makes it possible in GelCompar II to link multiple electrophoresis fingerprints to single organisms studied. Further remarkable differences are the carefully designed interface, the user-friendliness, the increased power and number of tools in GelCompar II.


Applicable for: 
Version 1.0 - 6.6


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