Curve converter in BioNumerics Seven

I am trying to import my curve converter files in BioNumerics version 7, but I cannot find how to import them?

The process of creating and importing curve converter (.crv) files was one of the very first methods to import capillary sequencer fingerprints in BioNumerics. It has since then been integrated into the import routine for fingerprints and further developed for electropherograms produced by Applied Biosystems and Beckman capillary sequencers (.fsa and .scf files, respectively). Only for other formats, curve converter remained the preferred import option. The former two formats have in the meanwhile become the standard formats for sequencer fingerprints, making the original code of curve converter obsolete. Therefore, we have chosen to no longer include curve converter in version 7. If you have sequencer fingerprints in a different format, please contact us. For fsa and scf files, you should check Import Curves during the import (not Open curve converter) and select the corresponding format from the drop-down list.

If you are importing into a database that has been upgraded from an earlier version, it is possible that the fingerprints from older imports are saved into another experiment type as the currently imported files. If you wish to compare the old and new fingerprints, it is necessary to change the fingerprint type of your old files. Contact us in this case to obtain a script to easily change the fingerprint type of multiple files.


Applicable for: 
Version 7.0 - 7.6


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