Change Home directory


How do I change my Home Directory?


The location of the Home Directory may be established during the installation of the software. At any point after this, it may be changed via the Startup screen.

  • In versions up to and including version 4.6, the Home Directory may be changed by selecting the “Home directory” (or “Homedir”) button in the Startup screen, and in the browser window, browsing for and selecting the folder which contains your database(s).
  • In version 5.0 and beyond, this is done in the Startup screen by selecting Settings > Change home directory. From here you can choose one of the two default suggested locations for your Home Directory, or choose a custom folder of your choosing.

All databases that are present in the Home Directory will be listed in the startup screen. New databases will automatically be stored in the Home Directory and will be listed in the startup screen.


Applicable for: 
Version 1.0 - 7.6