Change a database name

Is it possible to rename a database?

Changing the name of a database once it is created, is unfortunately not possible via the user interface. However, it is relatively straightforward to do outside the software.

  • Locate the program's home directory and open this folder in Windows Explorer. To check where the home directory is located, press the “Settings” button in the startup screen and select Change home directory. The location will be listed in the dialog box that appears.

The BioNumerics (GelCompar II) home directory contains a database descriptor file with the same name as the original database (e.g. “OldDbName.dbs”) and typically also a database folder with the same name (“OldDbName”). For reasons of consistency, both the *.dbs file and the folder should be renamed.

  • To rename the database folder, simply click twice on the folder name in Windows Explorer and enter the new database name (e.g. change “OldDbName” into “NewDbName”).
  • Proceed in the same way to rename the database descriptor file (e.g. change “OldDbName.dbs” into “NewDbName.dbs”).

Next, the database descriptor file should be edited to point to the renamed database folder:

  • Open the file in a simple text editor such as Notepad.
  • The second line in the *.dbs file corresponds to the database path and should be modified to the new path (e.g. change “[HOMEDIR]\OldDbName.dbs” into “[HOMEDIR]\NewDbName”).
  • Save the file.

To reflect the modified database name, the BioNumerics (GelCompar II) startup screen should be closed and re-opened.


Applicable for: 
Version 5.0 - 8.0